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Often times Commercial Roofing can be extremely stressful for the business owner. Your roof was recently damaged by the storm and you need a repair done. The current system is not affording you the highest level of comfort or success. You just recently dived into a new business endeavor and you need a reliable source for roofing installation. Queens Roofing is your number one source for all commercial roofing needs in New York City. Its not hard to see that when any huge commercial improvement or renovations job goes underway the normal business hours are going to be interupted. This causes a potentially large loss in revenue and employee productivity causing great stress for the business owner. The management here at Queens Roofing Service is sensitive to those concerns and you will glad you chose us when you see why. Our management will begin and complete the job at hand at your convenience. We will arrive on time or early for your project and pace ourselves in order to save you valuable time and money.

Commercial Roof Specialists In Queens, NY

The world of commercial roofing has always been specifically geared towards every kind of business imaginable. From chemical plants, to law offices, to storefronts, to restauraunts there is a system for every owner. EPDM, TPO, Slate, Shingle, Bitumen, Modified Bitumen, Metal, Tile, and Built Up are all very effective forms of commercial roofing however the real choice is waiting to be made based off your concerns. EPDM Roofing is highly resistant to heat which is valuable for any businesses looking to keep lower temperatures intact. TPO is known for its protection from ultraviolet rays and other harmful ozone effects. Slate is highly appealing and does a great job of grabbing its viewers eyes. For this reason it is highly recommended for the type of business that invests itself heavily in art. Shingles although most commonly used residentially are an extremely reliable form of roofing. Built Up systems are seen as the older brother to shingle systems because they offer the durability of shingles with the extreme protection from the ozone offered by rubber compounds. Modified Bitumen is progressively becoming a more prominent form of roofing by business owners. This is because it promises extremely high levels of protection from the weather and hits higher levels of potential than other roofing systems. Metal is most likely the most popular new form of roofing today. It is easy to install which cuts down on installation time and costs. It reduces energy consumption rates for owners and offers premium protection from insects, moss, and all elements of nature.

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As you can see there are numerous choices for your commercial roofing project. We don’t expect you to be well versed in any of these systems. However, we are experienced at installing, repairing, and replacing all of these systems. The professionals here at Queens Roofing Service are prepared to handle any and all questions you have regarding these state of the art systems. In addition, we are ready to make suggestions and back them up with the facts to prove its the best choice for you.

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In working with your company we can promise our undivided attention to all topics. What we are speaking about of course the aesthetic value of your business. We know that every business needs to draw in customers and cant risk being unapealling. Due to this we will identify your style as early as possible. If your business is identified by a certain color, style, pattern, or shades this will be talked about with full disclosure. The reason we due this is we appreciate the business you have offered us and we would like any part we can offer in bringing it back to you.