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About Us

For a Free Estimate - Call (718) 509-6901

Queens Roofing Service is the front runner of commercial and residential roofing systems in Queens, New York. We are highly trained, experienced and educated participants in the art of roofing. We are about five star customer service from every aspect of our business. Our focus is on helping YOU the homeowner or business owner get the best roofing system, at the best price, during the shortest amount of time possible. This business was started with the premise that everyone needs access to a reliable roofer.

During the aftermath of super storm Sandy our team was essential in the repairing of roofs across New York City. We believe that customer service is the beginning of any successful enterprise it is for that reason that our experts will discuss any concerns in full disclosure with you. That means any issues you are having with your current system, any concerns regarding our work with you, or even the physical appearance of your building are all up for conversation. We believe that when treated with respect and diligence every customer is a happy customer and we hope to make you happy.  Hard work has always been the staple of every great laboring organization. Its no different within our service, the hard work committed by each and every member of Queens Roofing Service is what allows us to offer you such phenomenal guarantees from our projects.

The truth is you have never been in safer hands before with another contractor. We are proud to say that our rates are not about maximizing profit margins, but keeping you with us. The development of business relationships is much more important to us than the bill written at the end of the day and we hope to show you that.  Expertise such as this is rare even in the densely populated industry of roofers. That is why we always tell our potential client’s firsthand to do research and choose the contractor who is most fit for the job.

Time is money therefore showing up late is costing you money. This is an average though process with us as we know the displeasure associated with a contractor who is always late. We are well aware of the interruption to business and relaxation hours at home caused by late workers. This is something we avoid at all costs showing up early if not on time. Don’t worry, we also pay strict attention to safety measures at all costs. This means our workers are trained to pace themselves at the most efficient level of work without sacrificing adherence to safety concerns. The reason why safety is so important to us is because we care about our employees just as much as our customers and our families. We wouldn’t want our family to be put into a potentially harmful situation so why would we ever allow someone graceful enough to give us there business or there hard work in a similar position? We wouldn’t that just the truth of being affiliated with Queens Roofing Service we put you first.

Standards. It can be said that a business is defined by its standards. What do we mean? What we mean is how well is the customer treated? How much is discussed with the customer? How professional is the completed job? How fast is the job completed? How safe was the actual process by which the job was completed and what can we do to make it safer? These are the questions asked by ourselves everyday in order to bring you the greatest possible roofing service in Queens, New York if you are interested in doing roofing with us call today at 718.509.6901 and we will pay direct attention to your concerns, questions, or inquiries.